Sight Word Focus

We will spotlight these sight words during the given nine weeks. However, we will still be learning as many words as we can. Please remember, students must be able to both read and spell each sight word. Also, work on learning color words (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, etc.) and number words.

Letter Focus

We will focus on a letter(s) each week. This is essential to developing strong readers! Each child needs to be able to identify the letter and make the sound for each letter before they can put them together to make words. Here is the order that we will be focusing on them:

s, m, r, t, b, n, m, short a, v, c, p, g, f, l, short i, k, d, z, x, short o, q, w, j, short u, y, short e then digraphs (sh, th, ch, wh)

Word Families

Starting the second nine weeks, the students will begin to learn word family words as each short vowel is introduced. We will start with short a and first learn the -at words. For example, cat, bat, sat, hat, etc. We will make flashcards, in class, and they will come home in your child’s folder. Please practice with these flashcards each night, along with the homework. Here are some essential word families that we will focus on:

  • short a:  -at, -an, -am
  • short i:  -it, -ig, -in
  • short o:  -ot, -ox
  • short u:  -ug, -ut, -un
  • short e:  -ed, -en, -et

***Once we begin with word families, you will notice a really big difference with your child’s reading ability. 🙂

Don’t forget to look for the Scholastic Book Order forms for some great, affordable books! These books are wonderful for developing fluent readers who have comprehension as well! These forms will come home in your child’s folder once a month. 🙂

                                                               1st 9 weeks

                            Letter                                          Words

Week 1                                                                names

Week 2                                                                     names

Week 3               m, s                                          I, see, red

Week 4               b, r                                           a, my, yellow

Week 5                t, n                                           we, is, orange

Week 6               h                                               can, at, black

Week 7               Review                                     go, to, brown

Week 8                 a                                             an, me, white

Week 9                Review                                     Review